The Grove of Ash campaign takes place in the year 881 RE, starting Yula – midwinter night, several months after the Ashen Shadow crisis began. The timeline uses the Mageran Calender.

Boridoer 881 RE

1 Boridoer: Yula, Midwinter Night. the Wandering Folk gather around Maagmurri. The new Xindari are anointed and depart on their mission.

2 Boridoer: Xindari arrive at a steam by the roots of Maagmurri, there they find a “fold” and encounter a totem guarded by a Water Weird. Upon releasing the totem, the fold closes and the Weird revealed to be Gladwyng. The Xindari return to Maagmurri to learn that Scarno, one of the High Druids, has killed two Forest Guardians and stolen the ancestral scroll of Naragui’s clan.

3 Boridoer: The Xindari set out in the western Ilmaviat Forest in pursuit of the criminal Scarno. They happen upon dried, hollow ticket and a destroyed convey where they encountered several Husks, after which they tracked Scarno to an abandoned altar. The Xindari fought and defeated Scarno and the essence of Vazti.

4 Boridoer: Late at night, the Xindari brought back Scarno to the High Druid camp beneath Maagmurri, as well as Valio, the young boy that was almost sacrificed by him. Naragui requested to return with the Vazti Scroll to her clan in the Plains of Ur. The Xindari depart Maagmurri on their way to Whitestone.

8 Boridoer: While travelling to Whitestone, the Xindari became lost, veering eastward. The stumbled upon a camp of sickly people burning their dead. The Xindari face a corrupted spirit of growth and decay in the mines, releasing its hold on a little girl. They discover mysterious carvings in the depths of the mines which spoke in an unknown language.

9 Boridoer: During the night, the Xindari encounter an Anima which warns them of the Blacktalon. They arrive at Whitestone, deliver the coal shipment, find a home for Reliegha and meet with the town guard.

11 Boridoer: The Xindari arrive at Perov and set out to find the Mayusha family encampment. Before arriving, they found several Monstrous Crows created by Ordu, a military leader among the People of Grass. After discovering the true nature of the creature, they continue on to the encampment and learned about the abduction of Meliqua.

12 Boridoer: The Xindari sail to Highwatch on the river Cryh where they confront Ordu in a duel. After Ordu was defeated, they spent the night in the steading.

13 Boridoer: The Xindari acquire a chest filled with treasure Ordu collected over the years. They take a boat down the river to reach the Temple of Sotia. They enter the burial mound at the temple to confront Aouda Mynrana, the troll Loaist.

14 Boridoer: After releasing Maliqua and the possessed guardsman, the Xinadri set to return to the burial mound guided by the pull of Maagmurri. In a burial chamber, they find another stone disc as well as a unique looking sword.

16 Boridoer: The Xindari returns to the Mayusha Encampment to find a messenger bird telling them that Whitestone has fallen.

17 Boridoer: The Xindari arrive at Perov to meet with the Whitestone watchmen. While meeting with the watchmen, a talented enchantress examines the Stag’s Sword and Crown of Thorns and tells the Xindari that they’re anchors, keeping the boundaries between the mortal realm and the Dead Zone.

18 Boridoer: Together with the Whitestone Watch, the Xindari formulate a plan to attack the city. They set sail on a barge across the Eye of the North.

20 Boridoer: The assault on Whitestone begins at night. The Xindari infiltrate the city from an underground grotto while the guardsmen assault the eastern wharf. While in the undercity, they discover a large hall used as a staging area by the Crescent Talon Brigade.

21 Boridoer: The Xindari find their way out of the Undercity and into the armoury. They attempt to free the captive Mayor but find out he is responsible for allowing the brigands access to the city. After helping the guardsmen capture the wharf, they take reinforcement back down to the underground hall to fight brigades, facing their leader, Lyladrin; She is defeated, but Glemben falls in battle. The Xindari finds the Tomb of Tadhil which contains the Horn, one of the anchors, and final disc.

22 Boridoer: The Xindari rest at the watchmen’s camp and help restore order to Whitestone, once the brigands have been driven out. They use the Horn Between Worlds to banish the spirit that has possessed Tomko, the undead amalgamation.

24 Boridoer: The Xindari returns to the Valkoi Mines to try and enter the locked chamber beneath them, using the three stone discs. Once inside, they find several murals that tell the story of how the Dozen defeated Vazti, but later became dangerous themselves. The original Xindari, as well as the Anchors, were created to repair the damage done to the boundaries between planes. They summoned the Wild Hunt and banished the Dozen to the Dead Zone. Once the job was done, the Xindari themselves has to leave the physical plane as well.

Sonyer 881 RE

1 Sonyer: The Xindari arrive at the river crossing leading to the School of Transmigration’s enclave, where they encounter a company of chrome dwarves raiders, hired to loot it. The raiders found the place empty, except for some draugr.

2 Sonyer: The party travel to the island of the Aludyce Enclave to find out what happened to the people from the School of Transmigration. They encounter the Chrome Raiders and enter the monastery, where they find that Aouda Mynrana has possessed the ancient tree in the monastery dungeons and have animated draugr in order to make the residents enter their protected sanctuary. Malor attempts to kill Reliegha in order to prevent Blacktalon from taking her body.

3 Sonyer: After leaving the dungeons, the Xindari go back to face the raiders. After communing with their wolves, Vin learns that they were given by Blacktalon as payment to the raiders in order for the dwarves to drive the people away from the monastery. The Xindari reveal the truth to the dwarf leader Ginwaren. They set out to find the wolve’s den, where Blacktalon is said to reside.

10 Sonyer: After sailing across the Eye of the North, the Xindari arrive at the footsteps of Annakhar, said to house a spirit court at its peak. They dock at the port town of Rimeforte.


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