Mageran Calender

The Mageran Calender is the common calendar used in Gerfeundvor, and the Templar States in Syraion, as well as Tyar and the Coastlands in the East. It was adopted from the religious calendar of the Anortren faith as the Nodreni Orcs began their trade voyages.

The Mageran Calendar uses a bi-yearly system, in which the long year has 15 months and the short year, 14 months. Each year also has Midsummer Day, which isn’t a part of any month.

Each Mageran month is divided into five weeks, and each week has five days.

The Mageran Calender number the years by Era of Rebirth (RE), the years since the mortal races were reawakened in Syraion after the Great War of the Gods. The time before the war is called Era of Creation (CE).

Mageran Calender

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