The Grove of Ash campaign takes place in the year 881 RE, starting Yula – midwinter night, several months after the Ashen Shadow crisis began. The timeline uses the Mageran Calender.

Boridoer 881 RE

1 Boridoer: Yula, Midwinter Night. the Wandering Folk gather around Maagmurri. The new Xindari are anointed and depart on their mission.

2 Boridoer: Xindari arrive at a steam by the roots of Maagmurri, there they find a “fold” and encounter a totem guarded by a Water Weird. Upon releasing the totem, the fold closes and the Weird revealed to be Gladwyng. The Xindari return to Maagmurri to learn that Scarno, one of the High Druids, has killed two Forest Guardians and stolen the ancestral scroll of Naragui’s clan.

3 Boridoer: The Xindari set out into the western Ilmaviat Forest in pursuit of the criminal Scarno. They happen upon dried, hollow ticket and a destroyed convey where they encountered several Husks, after which they tracked Scarno to an abandoned altar. The Xindari fought and defeated Scarno and the essence of Vazti.

4 Boridoer: Late at night, the Xindari brought back Scarno to the High Druid camp beneath Maagmurri, as well as Valio, the young boy that was almost sacrificed by him. Naragui requested to return with the Vazti Scroll to her clan in the Plains of Ur. The Xindari depart Maagmurri on their way to Whitestone.

8 Boridoer: While traveling to Whitestone, the Xindari became lost, veering eastward. The stumbled upon a camp of sickly people burning their dead. The Xindari face a corrupted spirit of growth and decay in the mines, releasing its hold on a little girl. They discover mysterious carvings in the depths of the mines which spoke in an unknown language.

9 Boridoer: During the night, the Xindari encounter an Anima which warns them of the Blacktalon. They arrive at Whitestone, deliver the coal shpment, find a home for Reliegha and meet with the town guard.

11 Boridoer: The Xindari arrive at Perov.


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