Aouda Mynrana

Aouda Mynrana is a troll Loaist and a former disciple of the School of Transmigration. Her name means “Aouda of the Black Mountain.”

Sometime before the Ashen Shadow fell, Aouda defected from the order because she disagreed with their teaching and specificly with restrictions put over those that posses the order’s unique abilities.

She searched for a way to remove those restrictions and in her searched used the Loa to force open the Elsewhere, a foreign dimension outside of the reality of the world of Vanor. Opening Elsewhere trapped Aouda inside and released a force from that place into the Dead Zone, a force that became Blacktalon.

During the winter of 881 RE, Aouda used her teachings to project herself into totems in order to influence the physical world and try to stop Blacktalon from crossing over from the spirit to the real world.

To that end, she attempted interfering with the Spirit Folds created by Blacktalon, but one such experiment caused the poisoning of Maagmurri and the summoning of the Xindari.

She later abducted Meliqua in order to locate the Vazti Scroll she thought would be able to trap Blacktalon, but was stopped by the Xinari. Before her defeat at the burial mounds, she forced the spirits of the Xindari to project into the Dead Zone, to try and make them understand the situation.

It is theorised by the Xindari during their projection to Elsewhere under Aouda’s influence, that the breach into the Elsewhere is the cause of the Ashen Shadow.

After their encounter in the burial mounds, Aouda asked Umul Ang to give the Xindari a totem so she would be able to communicate with them, but Glemben refused to listen and used the Blade of the Stag to vanquish her projection.

While speaking with Umul at Whitestone, Aouda learned about Reliegha and Blacktalon’s interest in her. She also discovered the raiding party sent to the monastery to allow Blacktalon to capture the girl. She then turned to possess the ancient tree at the monastery of the School of Transmigration.

She knew that providing a threat will cause the monks to send all the residents inside their inner sanctum so that Reliegha will be safe. To that end, Aouda animated the remains of the dead in the monastery to create Draugr. During the fight between the monks and the Draugr, some experiments got loose inside the dungeons and killed several monks, but Aouda’s plan worked and the raiders were driven away from the place.

Aouda Mynrana

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